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    PolyScience LX Immersion Circulator

    • Maximum Temperature of 98ºC
    • ±0.07C Temperature Stability
    • Large LCD Display
    • Built-in Timer
  • PolyScience

    PolyScience - Precise and
    reliable temperature control
    solutions since 1963.

    • Circulating Baths
    • Specialty Products
    • General Purpose
      Water Baths
    • Chillers
    • Low Temperature Coolers
  • PolyScience

    Over 190 precise and reliable Circulators.

    • Refrigerated and Heating Only Baths
    • Open Bath Systems
    • Viscosity Baths
    • Coliform Bath
    • 75 liter Refrigerated Circulator
    • Immersion Circulator
  • PolyScience

    Quiet, energy efficient heat removal.

    • WhisperCool™ Environmental Control System reduces noise and lowers energy consumption.
    • Cool Command™ - Innovative technology extracts heat quickly and efficiently, ensuring more precise temperature control and stability.
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    The right Chiller for virtually any
    end-user or OEM application.

    • Compact Benchtop Chillers
    • 6000 Series Chillers
    • DuraChill™ Portable Chillers
    • Recirculating Coolers
  • PolyScience

    PolyScience General Purpose Water Baths

    - Simplicity, consistency, convenience.

    • Presets for frequently
      selected temperatures
    • Hinged gable cover
    • Deep drawn one-piece reservoir
    • Optional Shaker Bath accessory
  • PolyScience

    Specialty Products for health and
    quality assurance applications.

    PolyScience offers a wide selection of uniquely
    configured products for special applications:
    • Calibration
    • Viscosity testing
    • Coliform testing
    • Histology
    • Plasma and whole blood thawing
    • Beverage aging studies
  • PolyScience

    PolyScience Low-Temperature Coolers

    - Two simple ways to chill.

    • Immersion Probe Style Coolers -
      Continuous cooling to
      temperatures as low as -100°C.
    • Flow Through Style Cooler -
      Ideal for use with heated or
      refrigerated circulating baths.
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Remarkably Responsive Temperature Control Solutions

For almost five decades, PolyScience has responded to the needs of laboratory, chemical, medical, industrial, plastics and culinary markets with unparalleled innovation, passion, and user-focus. Our dedication to quality, ease of operation, and reliability has helped us become a global company that spans six continents.

Our Refrigerated Circulators, Heated Circulators, Chillers, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths and special-purpose products are designed to simplify tasks, take less space, integrate more seamlessly, and perhaps most important, make your work productive and enjoyable.