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Enhance and extend the performance of your PolyScience Circulator, General Purpose Water Bath, Chiller, or Recirculating Cooler with genuine PolyScience fluids, accessories, and replacement parts.

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Flask Holder 25 mL

Flask Holders for use with Shaking Baths (20 and 28L)

Floating Ball Cover; 3/4" (19 mm) diameter, package of 400

Covers top of any open tank. Reduces fumes, splashing hazard and heat loss by 75% and evaporation by 87%. Usable to 95°C. Package of 400

Clear, Hinged Lid, High-Rise Height, 2 L

High clearance design for additional accommodation of vessels. For use with General Purpose Water Baths.

Mobile Benchtop Cart, Small

Save bench space by placing your PolyScience products on a custom-designed cart. Store additional equipment or fluids behind the rolling tambour door. Easy-hide drain shelf allows for additional space in a pinch. Increase your mobility, flexibility and efficiency.

- Heavy Duty Corrosion-Resistant HDPE Construction
- Four Total-Locking 3-inch Sealed Bearing Casters
- Weight Ratings up to 200lb on top and 25lb on the drain shelf.

Dimensions (L x W x H)
Small Cart 511-444: 23" x 17.05" x 28.476"
Large Cart 511-445: 28" x 19.68" x 28.476"

polyclean CLARIFIER - bottle

Keeps reservoirs clean and odor-free. Concentrated: 8 oz (237 ml) treats approximately 200 gallons (757 liters).

polyclear MIX 30 PLUS

General purpose fluid for routine applications above 5°C, prevents algae growth and premature rust formation.

polytherm PAG140, Temperature Range: 50° to 140°C (122° to 284°F)

polytherm PAG140 offers excellent properties for mid-range temperature baths and circulation systems. Polyalkylene glycol is a low-cost alternative to silicone fluids. Ideal for use in stainless steel and polycarbonate tanks.

Not recommended for use in chillers.

Stainless Steel Rack, 10-13 mm, holds 15 max

For use with Stainless Steel Open Bath Systems and General Purpose Water Baths. For more details Click Here