Chillers and Coolers

PolyScience Chillers and Coolers have proven, over several decades and hundreds of thousands of installations, that they are the most reliable in the industry — and an exceptionally smart choice for end-user and OEM applications ranging from lasers and analytical equipment to reactors and manufacturing equipment.

Benchtop Chillers -
LM Series -10° to +30°C 

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: -10° to +30°C 
Temperature Stability: ±0.1°C 
Cooling Capacity: Up to 560 watts @ 20°C


  • Optimized for performance at low temperatures
  • Ideal for benchtop rotary evaporators
  • Large, easy to read LED display
  • Space-saving design
  • Cooling at ambient temperatures as high as 30°C
  • Low flow shutoff and alarm, high and low temperature alarms
  • Simple setup, operation, and maintenance
  • Choice of two different centrifugal pumps
  • Fluid level indicator
  • RS232 communication and external water filter optional

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers

LM Series Chiller, Centrifugal Pump LM Series Chiller, Centrifugal Pump
Working Temperature Range -10° to 30° C -10° to 30° C
Temperature Stability ±0.1° C ±0.1° C
Pump Type
Cooling Capacity @ -10°C 170 W (60Hz)/110 W (50Hz) 230 W (60Hz)/140 W (50Hz)
Cooling Capacity @ 0°C 250 W (60Hz)/170 W (50Hz) 350 W (60Hz)/250 W (50Hz)
Cooling Capacity @ +10°C 340 W (60Hz)/280 W (50Hz) 470 W (60Hz)/390 W (50Hz)
Cooling Capacity @ +20°C 420 W (60Hz)/390 W (50Hz) 560 W (60Hz)/520 W (50Hz)
Cooling Capacity @ +30°C 540 W (60Hz)/500 W (50Hz) 650 W (60Hz)/600 W (50Hz)
Maximum Pressure 14.50 psi (60Hz)/12.50 psi (50Hz) 5.10 psi (60Hz)/4.40 psi (50Hz)
Maximum Pressure Flow Rate 3.50 gpm (60Hz)/3.00 gpm (50Hz) 2.10 gpm (60Hz)/1.80 gpm (50Hz)
60Hz Part Number
50Hz Part Number