Award-Winning Temperature Control Solutions


For over five decades, PolyScience has been an award winning American made innovator and manufacturer of liquid temperature control solutions, focusing on the needs of laboratory, chemical, medical, industrial, plastics and botanical extraction markets with unparalleled innovation, passion and user-focus. Our dedication to quality, ease of operation, reliability, durability and value has helped us become a global company that spans six continents.

Our Refrigerated Circulators, Heated Circulators, Chillers, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths and Application Specific Products are designed to simplify tasks, take less space, integrate more seamlessly and perhaps most important, make your work productive and enjoyable.

PolyScience products and manufacturing process continue to look forward as we innovate and create with the environment as a reminder of best practices.

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AWARD-WINNING innovation

The DuraChill® line of portable recirculating chillers was recognized with a Gold Innovator Award from Laser Focus World. The award acknowledged the line’s game-changing benefits, including dynamic self-changing filters, an intelligent self-diagnostic system, UV biological growth inhibitor, and ultra-quiet WhisperCool™ technology. For PolyScience, changing the world of chillers is more than just a catchphrase.

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What Industries Do We Serve?

We hear this question a lot and our answer is usually “How much time do you have?” Our video shows you just the tip of the PolyScience application iceberg.

From the thickness of your shampoo, to the battery running your electric car and the rockets sending the next generation of astronauts into space, liquid temperature control plays a critical role, in these and thousands of other applications. If you’re asking yourself if the PolyScience award-winning liquid temperature control solutions work for your application... The answer is yes. PolyScience, there when you need us.