Introducing All Things Photonics

Thursday, February 29, 2024

One of our many commitments to our customers and the industries we serve is to share knowledge, learning and thought leadership. If we can help the industry learn and evolve it, can only be good for all of us—and it’s kind of fun!

With that in mind, we are #PolyScienceProud to announce our new partnership with Photonics Spectra and their podcast All Things Photonics.

This podcast takes listeners inside the physical science of light as they explore groundbreaking and industry shaping progress in lasers, optics, imaging, metrology and sensing.

Each episode, the hosts welcome optics and photonics luminaries, rising stars and market leaders for robust discussion about transforming and shaping the field of photonics for research and development to commercial innovation. We’re on the air for unparalleled insight with All Things Photonics.

Episode 1, Season 9 starts now...

Watch it here.