Product Parts Numbers and Plug Options

Most PolyScience part numbers are constructed from the attributes of a product. Each section of the part number has a specific meaning.

Example: for part number AP07R-20-A11B

  • AP07R-20 represents the model, and:
  • AP = Controller Model (Advanced Programmable)
  • 07 = Reservoir Capacity (7 Liters)
  • R = Heating or Refrigerated (Refrigerated Bath)
  • -20 = Upper or Lower Temperature Capability (-20°C), depending on model
  • -A1 = Finish (PolyScience Silver)
  • 1 = Voltage/Frequency (1 = 120 Volts/60 Hertz)
  • B = Electrical Plug Type (B=US-Type, 120 Volts, 13 Amp)

The last character, B, represents the type of electrical plug that will ship with your product. Electrical plugs for the part numbers listed throughout the catalog and website are for standard U.S. and European types. 

To choose the correct plug for your product, please select from the table below and substitute the appropriate Plug Designation for the last character of the part number for the product you have selected. If you are uncertain of which plug type you need, please contact PolyScience for assistance.