Circulating Baths

Achieve the temperature you want, when you want it. Innovation, ease of use and constant reliable temperature is the foundation of our circulating baths. 

The Best Lab Partners You'll Ever Have

PolyScience Circulating Baths are as precise as they are reliable. Every product comes equipped with innovative proprietary features, from the quiet, energy-efficient heat removal of our WhisperCool™ Environmental Control System to the fast-acting temperature control of Cool Command™ Technology. Our Circulating Baths are easy to use, offering interface controller flexibility, clear navigational buttons and menu prompts, ergonomic design for easy repositioning and simple fluid connections. These hard-working machines were designed to make your life easier and more productive.

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  • Reservoir sizes ranging from 6 to 75 liters
  • Refrigerated and Heated, Heated and Open Bath models, and Immersion Circulators
  • Four types of digital temperature controllers, from the essentials to fully programmable
  • Intuitive setup and operation, featuring either multi-language help or screen prompts (depending on model)
  • Washable air filter ensuring peak performance and energy efficiency
  • LidDock™ stowing system offers convenient space to perch while adding liquid or working with samples
  • Safety features include over-temperature protection, high and low temperature limits and alarms for abnormal conditions

Swivel 180™

Need to position your bath at a different angle or read the temperature from across the room? We've got it covered. The patented Swivel 180™ Rotating Controller on PolyScience Circulating Baths lets you move the extra large temperature display independently from the bath, enabling you to clearly read the display from anywhere within a 180° viewing radius, with the press of a button.

Intuitive and Precise

Our controllers display it all: internal bath temperature, external bath temperature, set-point and more–all on one easy to read screen.

Whether equipped with the entry-level controller or our most sophisticated icon-driven SmartTouch™ interface controller, PolyScience units are extremely easy to use. Clear navigational buttons and menu prompts guide you through setup, making operational and temperature set-point changes simple and precise.

Advanced Programmable temperature controllers guide you through setup and operation using universal icons, on-screen help and logical menus.


Our lid stowing system gives the lid a convenient place to perch while you add liquid or work with samples, yet doesn't interfere with controller viewing or operation. Condensation drains back into the reservoir as well, keeping your lab bench clean, dry and uncluttered.


The precision-molded phenolic bath top remains cooler at high temperatures and resists laboratory chemicals. Plus, it's easily cleaned and disinfected.

Large Bath Opening

Access has been increased to allow for maximum utilization of the circulating bath.


Quiet, energy-efficient heat removal. Our patented WhisperCool® Environmental Control System, standard on most PolyScience Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Baths, reduces noise levels below conversational speech at a distance of two meters. In addition, our adaptive environmental technology optimizes performance, reducing overall energy consumption and prolonging equipment life.

Cool Command™ Technology

Achieve the temperature you want, when you want it. Cool Command™ efficiently and quickly extracts heat, even at elevated temperatures, ensuring the most precise temperature control.

Safe and Reliable

Redundant over-temperature protection, high and low temperature limits and alarms instantly alert you to conditions that fall outside normal operating parameters. Lockout capability prevents unauthorized operational changes.

The elimination of RoHS-specified chemicals substances from fabricated components contributes to a cleaner, safer environment. In addition, all of our baths comply with WEEE, IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-010, IEC 61326-1, DIN 12876 and are CE and ETL certified.

Class III Safety

Our Advanced Series Controllers feature temperature and float shut-off systems meeting DIN 12876-1 Class III standards for use with flammable liquids.

Pressure and Suction Pump

Powerful, variable-speed pumps are available on Advanced Series Temperature Controllers and are well suited for open- or closed-loop external applications.

Simplified Setup and Maintenance

The front-mounted drain makes it easy to remove liquid from the bath and clean it. Our washable air filter helps keep the circulator running at peak performance and energy efficient. DuraTop™, and all surfaces, are chemical resistant and easy to sanitize. Setup instructions are printed "behind the grille."

Ergonomic Design

You can easily reposition the circulating bath with convenient, built-in handles that don't catch other equipment.

Easy Hook-up Fluid Connections

1/4" NPT fittings with hose adapters included for 3/8", 1/4" and 3/16"; 1/4" NPT to M16 adapter also included with 50 Hz models.

  • 2011 Appliance DESIGN Excellence in Design - Bronze Award; Medical, Lab and Test Equipment
    PolyScience Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath with Performance Programmable Controller
  • 2011 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA®) - Bronze Award; Commercial and Industrial Products
    PolyScience Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath with Performance Programmable Controller
  • 2011 Laboratory Equipment Readers-Choice Award
    PolyScience Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath
  • 2011 Instrument Business Outlook Gold Award, Equipment Design
    PolyScience MX Immersion Circulator