Award-Winning Temperature Control Solutions

Award-winning temperature control products that will help you be successful.

Circulating Baths

PolyScience Circulating Baths are as precise as they are reliable. Every product comes equipped with innovative proprietary features. These hard-working machines were designed to make your life easier and more productive.
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Application-Specific Products

A robust lineup of products designed to accommodate specific customer needs, from testing to quality control.
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General Purpose Water Baths

The highest value premium digital unstirred water baths on the market, developed with a set of user-friendly features for absolute control, precision and convenience.
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Chillers & Coolers

At PolyScience, chillers and coolers have been the foundations of our success, winning awards and setting records for over 60 years.
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Low Temperature Coolers

PolyScience Immersion Probe Coolers reduce expenses by providing rapid cooling for small quantities of liquids and acting as a replacement for dry ice.
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Fluids & Accessories

PolyScience fluids, accessories, and replacement parts are designed to accommodate unique customer needs.
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