World-Class Quality

As an ISO 9001 certified company, PolyScience has implemented the systems, processes, and procedures necessary to ensure the quality, performance and reliability of every product or component we manufacture. We’re continually raising our already high standards and constantly striving for improvement. To that end, we’ve deployed just-in-time production and other Lean Manufacturing techniques — such as self-managed teams, Kanban, Five “S,” Quick Changeover and Poke Yoke - throughout our vertically-integrated operation to help ensure that every step of the manufacturing process meets our rigid standards as well as ISO 9001 quality requirements.

Environmental Responsibility

As a global company, we realize that everything we do has far-reaching impact. Our products are designed to be energy efficient, environmentally friendly and in accordance with RoHS guidelines.

We follow an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System furthering our commitment to do our part to minimize our impact on the environment.

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility we all share. As part of our contribution to a greener world, we will gladly accept your old circulators, chillers, and water baths - regardless of brand - for disposal in an environmentally conscious manner. All recoverable materials such as steel, copper, plastic, and packaging will be recycled and refrigerants reclaimed by our qualified technicians.

Are you in the market for a new circulator, chiller, water bath or other constant temperature control product? You can save money by trading in an old or broken device toward the purchase of a new PolyScience product. We will accept any brand and give you a discount toward your purchase. Naturally, we’ll dispose of your old equipment in an environmentally conscious manner.

Environmental Management System Policy

It is the commitment of PolyScience to be environmentally responsible. These commitments originate with the company's top management and are appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products and services which are used towards setting and reviewing our environmental targets and objectives. The company commits to:

  • Meet or exceed all regulatory, legal, and all other requirements to which it subscribes to.

  • Monitor the operations and commit to the prevention of pollution.

  • Reduce the impact on landfills and promote recovery of valuable resources for the minimization of pollution.

  • Communicate to our customers, industry associates, employees, vendors and the general public about our strong environmental commitment.

  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental management system.

Customer Focus

PolyScience has a ongoing commitment to the environment, innovation and a 60 year old promise to create and deliver the best products, each and every day. PolyScience products are designed to simplify tasks, take less space and integrate seamlessly. Our commitment to innovative thinking, is a reflection of today’s most powerful engineering and a dedication to quality. The joining of technology and creativity to create a new industry standard.