Chillers and Coolers

For 60 years our award-winning chillers and coolers have been the cornerstone of our company.  Click here to see the thousands of applications PolyScience chillers and coolers complement each and every day.  Built in the United States, they are the most reliable in the industry — an exceptionally smart choice for end-user and OEM applications ranging from lasers and analytical equipment to reactors and manufacturing equipment. Click here to contact our sales team for your specific needs.

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High Capacity Chillers -
3 HP

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: +5° to +35°C 
Temperature Stability: ±0.5°C 
Cooling Capacity: Up to 10,936 watts @ 20°C

Key Features

  • Chillers 2HP and up are not available outside of the United States
  • High capacity cooling for lasers, EDM equipment, injection molding, and other heat removal applications
  • Displays temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously
  • User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Air- or water-cooled
  • Wide variety of pump options available

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers

3 HP High Capacity Chiller; Air-Cooled 3 HP High Capacity Chiller; Water-Cooled
Working Temperature Range 5° to 35° C 5° to 35° C
Temperature Stability ±0.5° C ±0.5° C
Electrical Requirements (VAC/Hz/Ph/A) Contact PolyScience for Options (60Hz)/Contact PolyScience for Options (50Hz) Contact PolyScience for Options (60Hz)/Contact PolyScience for Options (50Hz)
Pump Type
Contact PolyScience for Options
Contact PolyScience for Options
Cooling Capacity
Up to 10.5kW @ 20°C
Up to 10.9kW @ 20°C