polycool EG -25

Product # 060340

polycool EG -25

Product # 060340
Key Features:


A common circulator antifreeze fluid. Lowers the freezing point of water to allow circulation at below freezing temperatures. High toxicity. Recommend mixing with distilled water for broadest temperature range.

Quantity: 1 gallon (3.8 L)

Temperature Range: -25° to 100°C (-13° to 212°F) when mixed 50%/50% with distilled water

Part Number: 060340

For use with:

Circulating Baths
Refrigerated Circulating Baths
Heating Circulating Baths
Stainless Steel Open Bath Systems
Polycarbonate Open Bath Systems
Coliform Bath
Viscosity Bath
Calibration Bath
75L Refrigerated Circulating Bath
General Purpose Water Baths
LM Series Benchtop
LS Series Benchtop
MM Series Benchtop
6000 Series Chiller
3370 Liquid-to-Air Cooler
4100 Liquid-to-Liquid Cooler