polytherm PAG140

Product # 060350

polytherm PAG140

Product # 060350
Key Features:


polytherm PAG140 offers excellent properties for mid-range temperature baths and circulation systems. Polyalkylene glycol is a low-cost alternative to silicone fluids. Ideal for use in stainless steel and polycarbonate tanks.

Not recommended for use in chillers.

Quantity: 1 gallon (3.8L)

Temperature Range: 50° to 140°C (122° to 284°F)

Part Number: 060350

For use with:

Circulating Baths
Refrigerated Circulating Baths
Heating Circulating Baths
Stainless Steel Open Bath Systems
Polycarbonate Open Bath Systems
Immersion Circulators
General Purpose Water Baths