General Purpose Water Baths

The general purpose water bath is a fundamental product in the lab. Many manufacturers often sacrifice quality and innovation strictly to meet the demands of a tight budget.

PolyScience believes you can have both, as well as convenience, durability and safety.

Our general-purpose water baths feature intelligent, fully customizable temperature and duration presets, giving you the ability to program frequently used values that are repeatable at the press of a button.

Our goal with our water baths has always been is to strike a perfect balance between cost and reliable precise temperature control. Something we have once again achieved with our generation of PolyScience water baths. Click here to contact any of our sales team for your specific needs.

Digital General Purpose Water Baths

PolyScience water baths are the first baths on the market to utilize a full color TFT display. Our clear hinged gable cover continues to be a standard feature on all of our water baths and the intuitive plain-language user interface offers five selectable languages.

Research, communication and listening to our customers' needs is what drives the innovation to make the line of PolyScience Water Baths stand out from the competition. These intelligent water baths are the perfect blend of control, convenience, safety and, of course, budget.

Key Specifications

Temperature Range: Ambient +5° to 100°C 
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.2°C 
Temperature Stability: ±0.1°C 


  • Operates in five (5) languages
  • User-settable High Limit Value
  • Eco Mode aster timed run is complete
  • User-settable alarms: audible, visible or both
  • Displays actual and set point temperature simultaneously
  • Programmable pre-sets for frequently used temperatures
  • Integrated timer
  • Hinged gable cover
  • Calibration off-set feature
  • Reservoir sizes from 2 to 28 liters
  • Reservoir made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Reservoir drain (10 liter and larger baths)
  • Primary and automatic safety thermostats
  • Also compatible with waterless bath beads

To learn more about our Water Baths, download our free information guide here!

2 Liter General Purpose Water Bath 5 Liter General Purpose Water Bath 10 Liter General Purpose Water Bath 20 Liter General Purpose Water Bath 28 Liter General Purpose Water Bath
Reservoir Capacity (liters)
Working Temperature Range Ambient +5° to 100° Ambient +5° to 100° Ambient +5° to 100° Ambient +5° to 100° Ambient +5° to 100°
Heater Wattage (60hz) 120 360 1000 1400 1400
Heater Wattage (50hz) 120 360 1000 1400 1400
Part Number 60 Hz WBE02A11B WBE05A11B WBE10A11B WBE20A11B WBE28A11B
Part Number 50 Hz WBE02A12E WBE05A12E WBE10A12E WBE20A12E WBE28A12E

Vertical Tabs


Adjustable pre-sets make selecting commonly used temperatures as simple as pressing a button.



Water Bath Drain

A built-in reservoir drain (on 10, 20 and 28 liter models) allows for easy emptying of the bath.



Gabled Cover

See-through gabled cover accommodates flasks and other tall sample vessels, tilts out of the way when opened to allow condensate to drain back into the bath.