Low Temperature Coolers

PolyScience Low Temperature Coolers enhance and simplify low-temperature laboratory work, providing rapid, low-cost cooling of liquids to temperatures as low as -100°C. Typical applications include the cooling of exothermic reactions, vapor and solvent trapping, and impact testing. They’re also ideal for extending the temperature range of non-refrigerated circulators to below ambient and boosting the cooling capacity of refrigerated circulators.

Low Temperature Coolers -
Flow Through Style

An economical alternative to the tap water cooling of heated circulating baths when rapid cool-downs or operation at or near ambient is required.

Key Specifications

Temperature Range: -25° to 40°C 
Cooling Capacity: 745 watts @ 20°C; 260 watts @ -10°C 
Temperature Control: Fixed at -25°C


  • Continuous cooling to -25°C
  • Designed to run at maximum cooling
  • Ideal for use with heated and refrigerated circulating baths

Part Numbers 
120VAC, 60Hz: F25N0A101B 
240VAC, 50Hz: F25N0A102E 

Electrical plugs for the part numbers listed are standard U.S. and European types.

Temperature control must be provided by an external circulator; an anti-freeze solution is required in the circulation system.